Vegan Lobster Roll

v lobster roll  This upcoming weekend is bittersweet. The sweet part being that here in the US, we have a holiday weekend ahead of us (the bitter part is this weekend marks the unofficial end to the summer, but we’ll just ignore that right now).  To celebrate this weekend, you may be headed to the beach, a lake, or to a pool. You may be planning to eat some seafood over the weekend. If you’re vegan, you may be planning to watch people eat some seafood over the weekend. One of these seafood dishes could perhaps be delicious lobster rolls.

Fear not vegans, I have you covered.

Lobster rolls without the lobster? Hear me out. I created this sandwich with all of the quintessential lobster roll flavors- a toasty buttery roll, crisp butter lettuce and the most import part- a salty, seafood-like fresh filling that is pretty darn close to the taste of an actual lobster salad. Not a direct match, but a pretty good contender if you’re vegan and never thought you’d see a lobster roll again.  Make this sandwich! You need one key ingredient, which you can find at most grocery stores.


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